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Friends of MCATA

Grants and Awards

Friends of MCATA

"Friends of MCATA" formally recognizes those deserving individuals who have given MCATA faithful and dedicated service in various ways over the years, through the kind and generous sharing of their time, efforts, and expertise. MCATA recognizes its debt of gratitude and extends to them our most sincere regards and our warmest "thank you."

2018 Recipients:
Diane Stobbe, Jan Olson, Michael Chichak, John Nelson
2017 Recipients: Debbie Duval, Karen Bowman
2016 Recipients: Carol Henderson
2015 Recipients: Val Olekshy, Gladys Sterenberg
2014 Recipients: Cheryl Schwab, Dean Walls
2013 Recipients: Cheryl O'Brien, Margaret Shane
2012 Recipients: Chris Smith, Shauna Rebus, Christine Henzel
2011 Recipients: Elaine Manzer, Elaine Simmt
2010 Recipients: Mark Mercer, John Scammell
2009 Recipients: Hank Reinbold, Didi Heer
2008 Recipients: Bryan Quinn and Marie Hauk
2007 Recipients: Eithne Keegan and Tom Janzen
2006 Recipients: Leonard Bonifacio and Geri Lorway

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