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Keynote Speakers

Michael Pruner

Michael Pruner is a high school mathematics teacher from North Vancouver, BC and the president of the BC Association of Mathematics Teachers. Teaching for 23 years, he has always had an ever-changing mix of Math 8 through to AP Calculus and has recently discovered a passion for developing Thinking Classrooms. Michael believes that mathematics is a social endeavour and is best learned through collaborative activity in rich tasks. Through the BCAMT, Michael has had the privilege of visiting classrooms all across BC sharing his experience and knowledge of developing and maintaining Thinking Classrooms.

Keynote Description
After 19 years of teaching mathematics, continually refining my classroom procedures, and adjusting my assessment techniques, I was quite satisfied with the systems that I had in place and believed that I was quite proficient at Teaching my students. Four years ago, I suddenly realized how ineffective my strategies had become and how the majority of my students had found ways to make it through all of my lessons with little to no thinking. It was then that I began implementing Peter Liljedahl’s methods for developing Thinking Classrooms, and today, my classroom is unrecognizable from those earlier years. In this presentation, I will share my story of why I changed my teaching practice and the lessons that I have learned along the way.

Sunil Singh


Author of the book, Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics, and a self-proclaimed Mathematical Jester, Sunil Singh is transforming the way mathematics is revealed and discussed all over North America. He was a math and physics teacher for 20 years, including teaching at an International IB school in Switzerland. It was there that he took a math team to the British School of Paris for a European Middle School Math Competition in 2006. In the last ten years he has given over 50 workshops on creative mathematics all over Ontario–from schools to faculties of education to even the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto! He was also a regular contributor to The New York Times Numberplay Blog and was one of the first Ambassadors for The Global Math Project.

Keynote Description:

History, Happiness and Humanity: Teaching Mathematics With Storytelling
The true beauty and power of mathematics lies in the fact that imperfect humans created an exquisitely  perfect language for the universe. The triumphs, while many, often overshadow the more compelling narrative of courage and resilience that colours the landscape of the history of mathematics. Struggle, confusion and failure are the unspoken paths that almost every mathematician encountered before any revelation. Referencing his book, Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics, Sunil Singh will  talk about the untapped power of math’s humanness and why weaving it into our teaching empowers us as teachers to connect with not only mathematics in meaningful ways—but with each other and our students.

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